#TurnUpTheVolume Friday - Karma 2 by Young & Dedicated

Looking for something to #turnupthevolume through your weekend?

Athens hip hop group Young & Dedicated released their project Karma 2 on Soundcloud Saturday, September 29th.

Made up of rappers L-o the Assassin, CV aka Chavis, Dru Clipz, and D@ve, the group has been working on this project since July. L-o says that it’s something small to keep people interested by getting on people’s favorite beats; his favorite song off of Karma 2 being a tie between “Therapy” and “Hot Summer.”

Karma 3 has no drop date yet, but the next project I plan on dropping is ‘Going Crazy’ produced by Mojo. Hopefully it will be ready by December sometime,” said L-o.

In the meantime, check out Karma 2 on Soundcloud and follow L-o the Assassin on Facebook and Instagram for updates!