#TurnUpTheVolume Friday - Murder House by Aye Cee

Looking for something to #turnupthevolume through your weekend?

Aye Cee, member of The YOD, released his second solo project Murder House two weeks ago on October 19th, available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Immediately after the release of his first project, Lingo Mu$ic, in February, Aye Cee began working on the newly released project named after the now-closed, local hub for The YOD. As you might guess from this title, the inspiration behind Murder House came from “making music with [the] homies and seeing them create every day.”

Lingo Mu$ic was a project for people to get to know me, my introduction to the “game” I guess you can say. Murder House was basically all that into one and some. I talk about cool shit and money. And who doesn’t like getting paper?” said Aye Cee.

Aye Cee’s favorite track off this EP is “Dream Chaser,” which is fitting for anyone that knows him. He also has plans to release a Spanish EP soon, so be on the look out!

“I hope people can understand that anything is possible if you put your mind into it. I make my music for the underdogs.”

Check out the new EP on Soundcloud and Youtube, and be sure to follow Aye Cee on Facebook and Instagram for updates!