How can I be featured in an interview/video?

Email and tell us a little bit about yourself! Like where you're from, what you're working on, what you need promoted, and any ideas you might have regarding your interview/video. Links to music and videos are great too!

How can I be a part of Volumes?

We have lots of opportunities, and we're always looking for volunteers to join the team. If you're interested in writing for Volumes, check out our Be a Contributor tab. If you're interested in photography, video production, promoting, or sponsoring then email us at and tell us about your interests! Links to portfolios or previous work are great, but we'll gladly help you grow if you're new at this too.


How can I get booked for Volumes' shows?

Email and tell us a little bit about yourself! Links to music are a must and performance videos will definitely help us place you faster. 

How can I be a sponsor?

We've got packages for website sponsoring as well as show sponsoring, so let us know at what suits your needs best. Website sponsoring favors ads while show sponsoring favors getting your logo and brand out there.