Solo 10K Releases Album "A Westside Baby"

Athens local Solo 10K released his debut album A Westside Baby today on all platforms under the label WeJuggernaut and Universal Music Group Distribution.


As a new release but not a new artist, Solo 10K describes his debut album as “a reintroduction to Solo 10K for those who know from my other projects and a very blunt Introduction to those who don't know.” Many around Athens will recognize the end track “Catalina” as a hit around town since last year, but there’s plenty of growth to be seen in the other tracks. The structure and title of this album has been in the works since January of this year.

“This album gives a front row seat to who I am as a person, the artist I have evolved into, and the King I was raised to be,” said Solo 10K.

Reflecting on his favorite tracks off the album, Solo 10K said, “I can't necessarily single out just one, but the main two that come to mind have to be "Stick Em" and "Undastand Me." Two totally different songs which show both aspects of my thought process, my emotions, and my personality. “Stick Em,” “Catalina,” and “Quarter” also carry a lot of sentimental value due to the fact that those are the last songs my mother heard before passing, and she sung them all ‘till her time came.”

Dealing with loss and the grieving process has been understandably difficult for the artist. However, there’s still more to be seen from him.

“We got a lot more visuals coming just so I can give a face to the voice and the music that people hear. I feel like I don't show myself enough for people to know who I am when they see me. I focus so much on being hurt, now it's my time to be seen as well as listened to on a more grand scale,” said Solo 10K.

This reintroduction to Solo 10K, or introduction to some, is a great start. From the time the album officially hit the internet, social media posts have been going up consistently.

“I want people to feel the music, understand me in every sense of the word, every sense of the meaning. I'm an artist, but I'm a person just like the next and I’m trying to touch all bases of what REAL truly means.”

Be sure to listen to A Westside Baby on all platforms, and follow Solo 10K on Facebook and Instagram!