Kxng Blanco Releases "Friday Night" Music Video

Last night, the music video for “Friday Night” by Kxng Blanco featuring Squalle and Lil Kell directed by Zipperer Designs dropped on YouTube. This track is on Kxng Blanco’s mixtape Crown that was released on all platforms in December 2018.

On working with Zipperer Designs, Kxng Blanco says, “Bro reached out to me about three days after Crown dropped and told me he was a big fan of my music and the album and wanted to work with me, so we set it up just like that. I seen how unique his work was and his visions matched mine so it was a no brainer.”

“The vision was pretty much already planned out from the moment we created the song. The song was fun to create so we knew the video would be even more of an experience,” says Squalle.

“Friday Night” is exactly what you might expect and tells the story of an actual situation with some exaggerations thrown in. The characters and unfortunate events that happen are some you might even relate to.

“My favorite part of the music video process is doing the video. As an artist, it’s extremely challenging to put together a creative video when you have to have people involved, so when the filming begins it’s a sigh of relief knowing ‘okay we finally made it here and everything is falling into place,’” says Kxng Blanco.

For this particular video, Squalle enjoyed developing the characters and bringing them to life.

“Acting has always been a hidden interest for me, so this video was a step in that direction. I had to be more than just a rapper, I had to be something people could laugh at and relate to. Once you see the video, you’ll see exactly what I am talking about!” says Squalle.

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