#MonthlyMonday Album Pick of the Month

This month’s local album pick is Donny Knottsville’s anticipated mixtape Midnight Urban Drugstore Cowboy to be released next Tuesday, March 12th on Bandcamp (go peep the preview songs already up).

Donny’s last release was Celestial Seasons in July of 2017, and now he’s back after a year of fruitful thrifting.


“I spent the past year going to flea markets and yard sales and collecting old VHS tapes and other outmoded media and electric toasters and stuff. I've been looking for the perfect electric toaster. I just recently got back into doing music some more, and so I decided to put out this mixtape,” said Donny.

You can expect eccentric vibes, diversity, and plenty of creativity from this new joint. Donny describes his influences for this project as “cheap beer, expensive mistakes, the sound of a pretty girl winking at you,” so odds are there’s something there you can relate to.

“I'm realistic that my shit is not everyone's cup of tea musically, but I hope people can appreciate my craftsmanship and at least just think ‘woah, that's different’ or something like that. I try to say things in a way that no one else has ever come up with before and at least be original and hopefully entertaining while I'm at it,” said Donny.

If you like what you’re hearing, you can expect a new album already in the works with some collaborations. Keep a lookout for local shows popping up (hey there’s one this weekend, Facebook event here). Otherwise, Donny is focused on “just having fun, enjoying life, working on being a good person.”

“I've been doing this a long time and this is the best mixtape I've ever made, and I'm pretty proud of it. I've got a pretty good electric toaster right now, but there might be one slightly better out there and I'm bound to find it,” said Donny.

Check out Midnight Urban Drugstore Cowboy on Bandcamp, and follow Donny Knottsville on Facebook and Instagram for updates!