Jordan Brower Releases EP Close Enough

Atlanta native and senior UGA MBUS student, Jordan Brower released his EP Close Enough today on all streaming platforms.

“I knew I wanted to put something out this spring because I graduate in May, and I would regret it honestly if I didn’t put something out before I graduate,” said Jordan. “This is what I feel like are the four best songs of the last six months to a year that I’ve made all culminated into one. I’ve thrown up some stuff on Soundcloud, but it’s kind of like I wanted to have a record even just for me of how I’ve changed from an acoustic guitar. So now it’s debuting fully.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Zipperer

Photo Credit: Jacob Zipperer

Composed of four songs displaying Jordan’s range, this project is a great introduction to Jordan as an artist. Having a love for music since he was three years old singing “Come Sail Away” in the car, he’s progressed from playing in a church worship band in middle school to playing acoustic sets at a local Mexican restaurant in high school to fully producing and recording his own music in college.

“I started working at Tree Sound Studios for a little bit. I got to go in and out of there over a period of two years, and I learned a lot there. Kind of all this culminated into me as a producer but also artist,” said Jordan.

More recently, Jordan has interned at the director of the music business program’s studio here in Athens. In May, he will have completed his marketing degree as well as the music business program at UGA.

“Besides that, yeah I’ve been creating, like that’s just what I love to do, and at some point it’s a logical next step to be like alright might as well show people why I’ve been sitting in my room for 22 hours a day and don’t see them. It felt right. Some of the songs on the EP I started mid-last summer, last winter,” said Jordan.

Direct inspirations for the tracks on this project are artists Mac Miller and J. Cole. However, with one of his all-time favorite albums being The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, you can really feel his lifelong soulful singer-songwriter inspirations in this project.

“I don’t want to sound cliche, but I hope that they can relate to it in some way and learn something from it. I like making good music, but either way sharing that feeling and that vibe with someone is why music exists. I hope it helps someone through something,” said Jordan.

Check out Close Enough on Spotify and other streaming platforms now, and be sure to follow Jordan Brower on Instagram and Twitter!