#TurnUpTheVolume Friday - "So Much To Say" by Jordan Brower

Looking for something to #turnupthevolume through your weekend?

Photo Credit: Jacob Zipperer

Photo Credit: Jacob Zipperer

Atlanta native and local UGA student Jordan Brower released his lead single “So Much To Say” from his upcoming EP Close Enough yesterday on all platforms.

Drawing inspiration from some of the hip hop legends for this track, Jordan said, “I actually caught inspiration for this beat from Mac Miller’s ‘What’s the Use?’ a few days after his passing (peep the whole bass line). Expanding on the vibe he began, I wanted to acknowledge and convey my own perspective, my own relationship, and the optimism I have for the future of it.”

As a producer and songwriter enrolled in UGA’s Music Business program, this single is polished and brings high hopes for what the full EP coming out March 21st has to offer. With these soulful R&B tones, it’s a serious vibe.

“I felt like this [track] was the most enjoyable to most groups of people that would hear it. [From the album], one of them is hip hop centric, I don’t want to say Travis Scott sounding but if you can picture that vibe. One of them is dancehall sounding; one of them is closer to rap. So this one is just all of those put together,” said Jordan.

Check out the new single on Spotify, and be sure to follow Jordan Brower on Instagram and Twitter for updates on the EP!