Catchone Baldie Discusses Project Island

Athens local Catchone Baldie is dropping his new project Project Island July 18th on all platforms, so we sat down with him to discuss his process and what to expect.  

Dropping Black Baby last September on his son's birthday, Project Island is named after his son once again. Catchone explains that this project is directly influenced by his experiences with his son and what's he's been dealing with since the last drop. Check out the full interview discussing his new project on YouTube (to the left).

Hip hop in Athens has gone through a lot of stages. Despite the seemingly golden times of hip hop in downtown that we're currently experiencing, there's a lot of building still to be done. We discussed the state of local hip hop further with Catchone.

What direction have you seen hip hop move in the city? Or what direction to you want to see it move in?

You know I want to see it, I want to see it on BET awards. I mean, I feel like it move pretty good. At this point, I feel like it's at a peak you know, with us having access to the internet. We got hella good artist in this town through Athens back in the day, street level. They didn't have the opportunities we have back then cause they didn't really have the internet. It's moving forward now cause you know, you got artists doing 30K, 35K, or better views. They couldn't get it out there like that. It's gettin a little easier, but it ain't that easy.

What do you see that definitely needs improvement?

I just feel like everybody just need to start supporting each other. You know how that goes, just really start supporting each other. We're all we got. 

Do you personally think there's a way to bridge the downtown scene with the more outskirts?

Hopefully we can come to that. I don't know, I'm not really into politics like that. We got other issues, I just let that be. We do got talent outside of downtown. Everything isn't shoot'em up bang bang, everybody isn't going to jail. We might put that in our music and it might be our lifestyle, but we can come downtown and get on the stage and not flip shit out. Ain't nobody gonna get shot, you don't gotta worry. I know if I hit the stage, you ain't gotta worry about that. I feel like they should give us a chance really, the downtown scene opposed to where I'm from. Two sides of Athens.

Catchone Baldie

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