Must See: "Athens Rising" Documentary Celebrates Culture of Classic City

Watching people in your community make dreams a reality like you thought could only happen on the big screen is an indescribable feeling. Seeing faces you went to school with, regulars of the same places you frequent, and people you work closely with making this town the place you want to live in is inspiring. Of course myself and Volumes were honored to be featured alongside these movers and shakers, and that part felt the most surreal.

James Preston of Brimms & Riggs truly captured the creative spirit of Athens, Ga in the first full-length documentary of his ongoing series, "Athens Rising: The Sicyon Project." Tickets are on sale now to view the documentary at Cine during Athfest weekend (Friday June 22nd-Sunday June 24th).

The Volumes crew already got a chance to watch the film at the special premiere James put together. Everyone involved in the film was invited to view the final product and then mingle afterwards in celebration. Let me tell's without a doubt worth watching. I left the theatre with a list of events to go to that I previously had no idea existed. From art to poetry to music to comedy to food, "Athens Rising" covered it all. The most touching part was the in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes of real people in our community achieving real results based on their wildest passions.

I can't urge you enough to go watch this documentary. Go see a friendly face and hear their story. Check out a new event you had no idea about. Listen to a poetry reading. Learn about the history of a recording studio. These are all things you can do by viewing "Athens Rising." Honestly, I can't wait to see the next installment of this series. Athens has so much to offer, and this is evident by the fact that there's someone (*ahem* James) that was willing to document all these amazing events and stories. Really think about that, people are watching the things that us creatives often trivialize as just living our lives. 

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to go see the documentary at Cine this weekend!