*NEW* Dream Culture to Release Album "Heat Rises"

Local Athens psychedelic rock band Dream Culture (who is also nominated for this year's Flagpole Music Awards) is releasing their new album Heat Rises on Friday with a release party being held at the 40 Watt. Doors will open at 8:30 pm with accompanying acts by The White Rabbit Collective, The Holifields, and The Weldons.

This debut album will be available on Bandcamp as well as on cassette tapes that include a download code. After the local release party this Friday, May 25th, Dream Culture will also be having a release show in Atlanta May 27th at the Masquerade. Taking the chance to tour late May into June, the band plans to upload Heat Rises to Spotify and Apple Music once they make their way back.

When asked to describe their sound, band member Evan Leima explained, "I’ve been trying to make music that simultaneously makes you forget you’re a person and that you’re being flushed down a toilet with your eyes popping out of your head. The latter two are really lately more so."

Volumes has gotten to speak with Evan about Dream Culture's upcoming release and his involvement with the hip hop scene on several occasions. He was one of the organizers for the original Odd Street Bloc Party two years ago and helped make it happen again last month.

Dream Culture performing  at the Odd Street Bloc Party 2 last month

Dream Culture performing  at the Odd Street Bloc Party 2 last month

"The last event was all rock music and wasn’t really for any sort of cause but a good time, but we did have Mama Bird’s Granola selling food at the last one as well. I had been wanting to do another one for a long time, and it turned out that the Clip Art boys (Arizona Zimmerman & Vann Johnson) as well as Russel Vandiver from Odd Street (that happens to be his band’s name) were also into hosting at their houses. Mariah Parker (Linqua Franqa), who is also in the neighborhood, suggested we have it be a fundraiser for her campaign, so we got it together as quickly as we could so the money she raised would be far enough in advance before the election to be worth it. It ended up going without a hitch!" said Evan.

At a recent Creature Comforts show where local hip hop mixed with psychedelic rock/pop once again, Evan linked up with Aye Cee of The YOD to discuss recording live instruments at the Murder House studio. He was "super stoked" at the idea of the offer with plans to make the merge happen after Dream Culture's upcoming tour.

"It’s honestly been too cool seeing how much the hip hop/rock scenes have been crossing over lately, and I really want to help facilitate the continuation of that. There’s so much good hip hop around here like BYV, YOD, Clip Art, DK, Linqa Franqa, Wesdaruler…. the list goes on. I was really happy that this year's block party had such a great variety of artists in that regard. It seems like popularity and frequency of these genre-variety shows can only go up from here, and I’m all for it." said Evan.

Be sure to follow Dream Culture for updates, and check out their single off Heat Rises below!

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