#MonthlyMonday Album Pick of the Month

This month's local album pick is Lex Callahan's album Ebb and Flow, recently released April 20th on Bandcamp and Spotify after a break from making music since his last release in February 2017, Obsidian.

"My main goal was to make a record that was dirty but still melodic enough to be felt through the turmoil that I was experiencing at the time. My favorite track is actually the last track, "Payload." It symbolized the end of a chapter in my life, a relationship, and it was derivative of all of my reflections on my shortcomings. The guitar, in my opinion, is a symbol of the split that I've been battling from my analytical and emotional sides of my mind," said Lex.

Ebb and Flow is a unique blend of Lex's hip hop and rock backgrounds, making it a rather complex listening experience. It's a very genre bending project that's rich in the melding of sounds. Likewise, the release party at the 40 Watt on April 26th was an experience.

"I had to focus more than usual because in between a lot of the verses there are guitar lines that I had to play properly. I think it was a unique thing for me to experience switching back and forth from introspective guitar solos to hype rapping for the first time live. It will definitely be something that I incorporate more in the future!" said Lex.

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