#MonthlyMonday Album Pick of the Month

This month's local album pick is Dictator's highly anticipated Shoulda Had A Vers3, recently released February 23rd on DatPiff.

This third installment of the Shoulda Had A Verse series has been in progress for a while as Dictator worked on other things. Compared to the other projects in the series, Dictator feels more comfortable than ever with the "beat jacking" theme and has found that it's getting more fun. 

"I’ve been making music for so long it’s only right that my music progress. Writing music, all kinds of music, gets more easier as time goes on. I’ve learned not to think so much and have fun with it. Being able to have total control over what I put out is a plus. Letting my true supporters know I’m just like them is always a goal I set out to accomplish in everything I put out," said Dictator.

Plenty of shows and visuals are in store for fans, so follow Dictator on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for updates!

Click image for link to DatPiff

Click image for link to DatPiff