#TBT "Dope Souls" Interview with Squalle

Being a well known and popular Athens artist, Volumes writer Travis Williams checked in with Squalle to discuss his Dope Souls project released December 2017. 

How does Dope Souls mark a new direction for your music?

Dope Souls is the new me! It is a reflection of a new mindset and attitude that I have adopted. I used to get so caught in the hype of things. I always try to go with flow, and Dope Souls is me creating my own flow. A lot of times artists, me included, become confused because we see something becoming popular so we jump believing that if we did it then we get popular too. It doesn’t necessarily work that way in my mind. Every legend in the game made their mark by being different and bringing something new to the table. The impact that you leave on hip hop and how you do it, to me, is how you progress and become a legend and Dope Souls is me trying make my mark!

Who influenced the construction of this project the most?

People influenced this project. Blacks, whites, kids, adults, moments, situations, and experiences. I give credit to those things because those things helped me keep things so relatable. I am inspired by everything and everyone!

Where would any comparison between Dope Souls and PicasSoul begin and end?

With the unapologetic undertone that they both have. The freedom of lyrics, I say things openly with no care for the reaction they may get. You’ll definitely hear that in both projects. The content is very different but the lyricism from both could be compared, but only a little.

When in the process of creating Dope Soul did you being to see it take shape?

After this song I wrote called “Trial and Error” I started to see a direction in where the tape was heading. I knew instantly then what route I wanted to take.

What do you want the listeners to take away from this project after their first listen?

I would love for any listener to learn they they too can be Dope Souls and that dreams are free for us all to chase. In one of my verses I say, “can’t nobody cut your throat if they ain’t close enough to reach it!”

How does this project connect to the culture as it currently stands?

This project is what the culture is missing I think. Hip hop has taken a new form; it’s changing everyday. I think this tape will remind some that they are still rappers out here that are keeping it real and really spitting bars and telling stories. I am one of those artist who loves to pay homage to all the great artist that were before me and all the artist who will come after. The culture needs the real rap because it’s not dead.


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