"It's Bigger Than Hip Hop" Film Series

On Friday, March 23rd, ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment in-conjunction with Cine Athens will launch the "It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop" Film Series featuring Wild Style. These monthly movie selections will be accompanied by a variety of add-ons, such as music performances and/or panel discussions. 

The March 23rd launch, along with playing Wild Style, will feature throwback mixes by Chief Rocka. There will also be special sets by two Athens Hip-Hop legends, Dictator and Ishues. These independent MC's make classics, music that motivates the people of their community. Everyone is encouraged to come out to enjoy, learn, and help build.

For the past four years, ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment has successfully partnered with Cine Athens to bring the Athens community a Hip-Hop showcase during ATHfest. With a history of successful events together, which include the Black Panther Red Carpet Mixer, everyone started to realize they had to do more together. Cine Athens is more than a movie theatre, it is a community space that brings film, art, and music together. By bringing these arts together, bridges are built that will help bring the Athens community closer together. So this film series is about more than watching some classic Hip-Hop movies and documentaries, it is about adding on to the foundation Athens Hip-Hop is building. It is about people of many different backgrounds coming together and making Athens a better place to live for everyone. ATHfactor-Liberty and Cine Athens hope that more than just the Hip-Hop community comes and participates, they hope that everyone of all sectors of Athens comes out to participate.

B.O.Y. performing at ATHfactor-Liberty's Women of Hip Hop showcase during Athfest 2017

B.O.Y. performing at ATHfactor-Liberty's Women of Hip Hop showcase during Athfest 2017

This movie series is just one of many events that ATHfactor-Liberty has planned with the support of Cine Athens. At the end of Women's History Month on March 30th, there will be an all-ages dance party to celebrate the woman of the Athens Community. Invitations will go out to women in business, government, education, community organizers, etc.; everyone is invited to celebrate the backbone of the Athens community. The soundtrack to this event will be provided by DJ Lodi Dodi, one of Athen’s only working female DJ’s. The host, musical artists, and everyone involved will be women of the Athens Community. 

ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment looks forward to continuing to expand their relationship with Cine Athens to bring Athens more events for the whole community to enjoy, learn, and build.


Most Hip-Hop historians believe the official birthday of Hip-Hop is August 11, 1973 in Bronx, New York. On this day 44 years ago, DJ Kool Herc rocked a back to school jam at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue that gave birth to Hip-Hop. Although the four essential elements of Hip-Hop had been around in many different forms way before this officially known birth date, that party would forever change how the elements would be recognized.

In 1982, the film Wild Style was released in theaters, becoming the first Hip-Hop film. It was eventually re-released for home video. This classic Hip-Hop film featured some of the early pioneers of Hip-Hop, such as Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee, The Cold Crush Brothers, Rock Steady, Fab 5 Freddy, and a variety of other key players.