#TurnUpTheVolume Friday - Sad Ass Lil Boy by Joe Peeples Shawdy

Looking for something to #turnupthevolume through your weekend?

Yesterday, Joe Peeples Shawdy of TDUL released Sad Ass Lil Boy, the third in his "emotional ass little boy" series. This series consists of monthly five song EPs that elaborate on an emotion Joe is experiencing in his life. The emotion is reflected in the title of the project, such as his two previous EPs Evil Ass Lil Boy and Mad Ass Lil Boy.

"This project is completely different than anything else I used to do because I'm assuming that I'm an emo based artist, and it also gives me a chance to showcase my talent through actually producing and different cadences, melodies, and harmonies. My favorite song off of all of them would have to be "f*** you all" or my intro to every take because I give people a chance to hear everything I do from speed rapping to singing," said Joe.

Check out the new EP on Audiomack and follow Joe on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the Emotional Ass Lil Boy projects!