#TBT Slight Grimace EP

This month marks one year since Lefty and Aye Cee of theYOD released their "Slight Grimace" EP on Soundcloud. All the members of theYOD released a steady stream of content throughout 2017, including the first release in years from the group as a whole.

New projects are already in motion for theYOD. Aye Cee is dropping his first official solo project "Lingo Mu$ic" tonight at 8pm, also being his first non-YOD branded project since "Slight Grimace." Fun fact: it's Aye Cee's birthday! So click the album cover below to go check out "Slight Grimace," then see what Aye Cee is up to a year later with "Lingo Mu$ic," and wish that man a happy birthday!