#TurnUpTheVolume Friday - Saga of Love by Seline Haze

Looking for something to #turnupthevolume through your weekend?

Athens local artist Seline Haze has been all over the city in the past year, and she even made her way out of Georgia to Pensacola, FL at the beginning of the month. Last Saturday, Seline released her latest album Saga of Love.

Listed as one of the Flagpole's "16 Local Albums We're Excited to Hear in 2018," this project started in mid-December after Seline met the project's producer boom through a friend. After they sorted through boom's old beats, Saga of Love was underway.

"My favorite track is 'Focused' because it’s really raw and intense. I get into the deep depths of my mind and talk about the struggles of growing up alone, being a single black mother, financial stress, depression, egocentricity, and overall just still tryna soul search and maintain that focus on your goals and tending to your garden (minding your own)," says Seline.

Saga of Love came as an experimentation while Seline has been working on another project, FEEL, for almost a year. FEEL is anticipated to be more heartfelt and intense.

"FEEL is about getting more in-tune with yourself. Still stressing and preaching self love, care, and awareness, but it’s pieces of me. [It's] my emotions and how we use them that might shape our world good/bad. Knowing your worth and knowing not to settle for less when you’re so much more. #RoseSquad," says Seline.

While we all wait for FEEL, click the album cover below to check out Saga of Love and be sure to follow Seline Haze for updates!