#TBT "All Promo" Official Video by Xero God

Xero God is a hip hop duo in Asheville, NC made up of rapper Musashi Xero and producer Panther God. Athens locals might have caught their Hot Corner performance last July at Little Kings (pictures from the show found here).

Last month, Xero God released their new album Bandidos as well as a music video for one of the new tracks, "All Promo." 

The duo spent about a year and a half working on this project, and during the process, they ended up recording another whole album. Likewise, the "All Promo" video took a lot of pre-planning, which is evident once you see the stunning visuals and complex aesthetic created by videographer Andrew Anderson. Each scene is darkly beautiful and striking enough to warrant another play-through. 

"I considered doing videos for a couple different songs on the album, but this one really stuck. The idea of a 'dope funeral' video was just too appealing to me. Plus this track went through a couple transformations and in the end became one of my favorite songs on the album. Shout out to Andrew Anderson for filming, editing, and contributing to this and everyone who came to participate!" said Musashi Xero.

Check out the video below, and be sure to subscribe to XERO SZN for updates and new video releases!

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