*NEW* Javae Music Video

Local Athens artist Javae just released his first official music video, filmed by UGA student and girlfriend Raina Zafar. He's been steadily working on new content and making appearances on stages around town.

"BLK RANGER was my favorite song off of my first project, YOU’RE TOO CLOSE, because I was able to express my raw emotions and speak on liberating my mind in a world where people are constantly trying to push you to conform. I want to encourage breaking the chains off ourselves because the world is afraid of the youth becoming renegades," says Javae.

Javae and Raina have been putting work into their respective crafts, so using their talents to create a product together presented a special opportunity.

"We’ve been working on this video for a couple months now because it’s the first one we’ve officially filmed. Raina shot and edited it all by herself, and her and I directed it. We wanted it to be visually appealing and conceptually strong rather than the cliche things you see so much of. This is the only video we are releasing for songs off the last project, but we are releasing a new song this week and a video for that song next week, so stay tuned!"

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Javae's contact information

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Booking/Features: javaechapman12@gmail.com

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Business Inquiries: rzafar7@gmail.com