Clarke Central HS Gives Student ISS For Black History Month Performance

Today on February 15th, 2018, Athens local hip hop artist and "wave" maker Kxng Blanco received ISS after an annual Black History Month performance at Clarke Central High School.

The sponsor of this program asked Blanco to be a part of the performance and "show off" his talent last week. After choosing the track "Dear AmeriKKKa" off his latest project Wave, the sponsor warned him that he was not allowed to speak badly of the president nor was he allowed to say "Stay Woke," "Black Lives Matter," or throw up the black power fist. This didn't sit well with Blanco, who chose the song because of its powerful message.


I chose this song because I feel like I have the label ‘King of The Youth’ for a reason. I felt like it was my time to voice to the students and teachers that us as a youth are very aware.”
— Kxng Blanco

After thinking the situation through and discussing with many people, Blanco decided to stay true to his message. During the performance, he spoke out against police brutality and threw up his fist, only to see the whole auditorium join him with hundreds of fists in the air. Immediately afterwards, Blanco faced repercussions.


I got in trouble literally seconds after I got off stage by the “sponsor,” who is an African American teacher at my school. She took me to the office where I met a couple of officers and school administrators. I voiced that I felt in my heart that I did nothing wrong and asked what the consequences were. They said, ‘Well Mrs. Jackson (sponsor) thinks you should have ISS for the rest of the day.’
— Kxng Blanco

If anything, this experience has inspired Blanco. He explains that him receiving in school suspension sparked a movement among the students, including #FreeBlanco circulating on social media. When Blanco got out of ISS, a protest started outside of the building he was in, with students chanting his name and not returning to class for the rest of the day. A news crew helicopter even flew over the school.

 Kxng Blanco can be found on social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Spinrilla.