Freestyle in Sanford Stadium: Deni Val

Although the football season is wrapping up, there’s fire being spit on the sidelines that’s just getting started! Deni Val is an UGA junior marketing major pursuing a certificate in music business, and also the rapper that recently released a video shot at Sanford Stadium performing his “Jake Fromm Freestyle.”

Notably, he’s also the same artist that released a Georgia themed freestyle before the national championship game earlier in the year.


“I came up with that one at like 4am that morning, and I ended up dropping it 7pm that night,” said Deni Val.

As for the “Jake Fromm Freestyle” video, one of his buddies informed him that the concrete overlook at the stadium is always open to the public. Deni Val and Zipperer Designs, who shot and produced the video, set up at the stadium on Tuesday for a quick 20 minute shoot and released the video Thursday, November 8th.

“I knew I wanted to drop something UGA-oriented just because I don’t know if we’ll be this relevant again. So, I had that verse from last year. I wrote that like November 2017 when we were like I guess working our way up to the national championship. I wanted to drop it before the national championship game; I got it recorded at the studio, mixed and mastered and everything, but it didn’t come out how I expected it to. January 7th at 2am, I’m leaving the studio listening to this track, it’s not what I want it to be...I get home and I say I can’t be sad, I can’t pout about this, I just have to make something else. That’s when I made the other freestyle,” said Deni Val.

Making music since middle school, this 20-year-old artist has found a successful niche. Back in the early Fall, Deni Val cleared his previous catalog to work on new music with some exciting news to come. Although you can still find his Mac Miller tribute on Twitter.

Being in the music business program at UGA, Deni Val wants to pursue a career in distribution or promotion to pair with his marketing major. Currently, he runs his own Twitter-based music promotion business The Insomnious (@TheInsomnious1) that has garnered millions of views and hundred of thousands of likes. Deni Val would love to expand his promotion business into a full-time job one day.

As he works on his upcoming official debut, follow Deni Val for updates on Instagram and Twitter!

**FYI that super cute dog at the end of the “Jake Fromm Freestyle” video is Mateo, check out Deni Val’s Instagram for more cute pictures of his dog.**