#MonthlyMonday Album Pick of the Month


This month’s local album pick is Kid Arsenic’s EP #3YearsLater, recently released November 3rd on Soundcloud.

Kid Arsenic did in fact work on #3YearsLater for three years as he dealt with various personal obstacles, but he’s proud to say that it all came together with perfect timing. Wanting to pursue music since middle school, he didn’t start taking music seriously until he was about 24 years old.

“The title simply suggests that three years ago I finally stopped making excuses as to why I couldn’t make music a reality, and I started finding reasons and digging deeper into myself to make it a reality,” said Kid Arsenic.

This project release coincided with a release party at Caledonia Lounge, featuring a lot of the staple performers in Athens, Ga. The showcase highlighted a lot of the different styles and crowds that make up the local scene.

“I do it because just talking to people about how I feel doesn’t work. Putting it into music makes me invincible. My insecurities have no power, therefore, allowing me to obtain and maintain self health,” said Kid Arsenic.

Now that he’s finished his debut EP, Kid Arsenic plans to continue grinding to become one of the “household names” of hip hop in the Classic City before taking off.

“The takeaway? It’s always time. Let nothing stop you. Put your problems and struggles on a mp3 file if you have to. Find a way to make your dream a reality.”

Check out #3YearsLater on Soundcloud and follow Kid Arsenic on Facebook and Instagram for updates!