Volumes Hip Hop is a non-profit zine that came together almost overnight in December of 2016, publishing the very first issue of Volumes in January 2017. The sub-entity Volumes Presents is a booking and promotions company that came as a natural progression of the brand. We saw a need in a community of talented people just trying to do what they love and, most importantly, make connections with other people in a world that often urges us to create barriers.

Rusty Holcomb (photographer/graphic designer) and Sam Lipkin (Editor-in-Chief, Promotions)


A History from the Creator

My weekends were spent at friends' shows downtown, my evenings were occupied by hanging out in the studio, and my days were filled with random household rap battles . I was living the culture in a house full of artists without a place IN the culture of my own. Working a day job to pay the bills, I needed an outlet. Being a newbie to the scene, I'd heard there was a deafening silence when it came to the Athens hip hop scene in the local publications. If only hip hop had it's OWN publication...

I woke up one morning in December 2016 with the need to make a previously spit balled idea a reality; I decided the first issue would come out the last Friday of January 2017.  Living in a house oozing with creativity, Kevin Boyd had already given me the idea for the name, and I endlessly brainstormed ideas with Imorie Curry and Trevor Wiggins. After enlisting the help of Rusty Holcomb to be my partner as photographer/graphic designer, Volumes was ready to go. We all needed this. The community needed to be heard. My friends needed an investment. I needed a purpose.

We've come a long way in a year, and Volumes would be nothing without its supporters. Whether they're day one or just jumped on board. In one year, we published 12 issues of a local zine. In  five months, we hosted shows all over the city including three at the famous 40 Watt Club. Volumes believes in people, and we're going to continue to build the culture.

- Sam Lipkin, AKA ScrapGod